Thursday, 12 July 2007


Hi there

Sorry to have neglected all my avid readers…. The past month or so has been very busy with work, marking and sewing.

Work – yes, going very well, still enjoying dishing out work to other people.
Marking – not so much enjoyed, since I see my own shortcomings in the work.
Sewing – Hannah’s dress is taking form and we had our first fitting last week.

On top of everything, Hannah and I baked some Christmas cookies, which turned out so well, I’m going to bake a whole bunch more. Tasting will be held at my place soon…

On the church front, I have signed up for a mission trip to Kenya. This does not take away from the business in my life, in fact it adds to it. I’m getting very excited about the prospect of seeing the word in action and to experience the mission field for myself. I’ve always admired those who do this full time – day in and out, year in and out. I admire their faith and perseverance, their faith in hard times and their prayer life. Although recent developments have put quite a damper on things, since I might not be able to get time off work in December, as planned. PLEASE PRAY!!

I’ve been reminded on Sunday that I do not know the Bible as well as I should, to answer everyone. I may have come across in a debate on the various food laws, as judgmental and unloving, yet I do still stand to my point of view on this disputable matter, because I have been convinced of the freedom we have in Christ Jesus (Romans 8). So I went on a search for answers, and found quite a number of passages relating to the issue. What a deep book the Bible is!

So, reading and studying the Bible before I go is of the utmost importance. Gaining understanding and knowledge about out Lord is one of the things that needs to get done. Reading matter is ample and reading lists will most probably lengthen before I go. Please have patience with me, if I don’t write as often, but I will try to keep everyone posted on the progress we are making as a group.