Thursday, 29 April 2010

Don't you just love Art Galleries?

For weeks (or was that months?) I have been walking past this chair on the stairs,

and then, this morning I was greeted with this note:
and that just made my day...... Of course I was contemplating Dada art in the process and why anyone would have a chair that no-one could sit on.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Colour Nightmare

I started this embroidery that I got as a present when I stopped teaching High School. The embroidery is not quite my taste, but will probably be a nice present for someone.

Anyway, when I separated the colours, there were 43 (!) of them and here is how close the colours are. They probably could have cut them by half.
Yes, the second colour from the left is actually a grey - so light that it almost looks white. On the actual picture you can hardly see the difference. Try to distinguish these in the evening....

Monday, 12 April 2010

Things that make me smile

I got the idea from one of the blogs I'm following and it always makes me smile.
Another one is Katherine Marie Photography, which follows a similar vein.
Both are photographers and produce the most awesome pictures.

Other things that make me smile are compliments on my hand-work like the previous post and especially when I take my embroidery to get framed, and the framer goes: "Wow, this is really neat at the back!"

Also, listening to TobyMac always makes me smile, especially this video, since I always think of my friend R.

Then, of course R's baby pictures - well, actually it's his wife that is the photographer also always make me smile. And that is R mentioned twice :), and yes, he is a good friend that always makes me smile.

Watching people being silly.
Watching planes take off and land
Good food
Totally getting something in the Bible - well, perhaps not always, 'cause sometimes it's not so hot, especially if I get rebuked.....But some things really get me all excited, like thinking about heaven.
When students get it right for a change. I think that is the most rewarding thing.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Last job I finished

Here are some non-official pictures of the last four dresses I did. (they are the black ones, which you probably recognise from a post I did on the life of a fashion designer) Will try to post official wedding pics once S is back from her honeymoon.