Thursday, 30 October 2008

Fashion and Frustrations

It has indeed been a while.

As you can see from the title, the next couple of weeks are going to be filled with exactly that. The first event was last night - the Halloween Couture party at a local club. It was fun! I dressed up again - quite the scariest member there, as most of you will appreciate :)

The next event will be our annual fashion show, taking place on the 26th of November. I think this year will be a stunning event, even though the preparation will involve many more frustrations. There have been quite a number already, including trying to find a sponsor for R45000 a month before the show. Also, internal and external politics start coming into play and the sparks start flying. On top of everything, we were 6 colleges at one stage, but now only three are determined to see this project through until the end.... (as I said - frustrations)

Next on the agenda are two wedding dresses :) My very good friends Liesl and Hanlie are using my services. No, I don't need to advertise, it all happens by word of mouth. The Lord IS gracious and faithful and knows exactly what I need to charge and what I can manage in the time available to me. The fashion part of the dresses is easy - I have never come across a bride who did not have some sort of idea of what will suit her and what will work for her body type. Easy as pie....

Last, but not least, the Masters - more frustration than fashion, I must say, but the feedback on the first draft was surprisingly good and I can now power through the next two weeks (mostly Saturdays) and then I can hand in. I still feel a little out of my depth, but apparently I can waffle quite well in order to make a good argument.