Sunday, 11 December 2011

Done and dusted

After slaving a whole year over this:

I got my results within a very short period of time and found out that I could have actually still graduated this year. BUT by then my mom could not make it because she still had problems with her passport that would not have been sorted by that time. I also was gettign extremely busy at work and did not want to rush the changes that needed to be made. I'm handing in the final-final version today and then will graduate in June next year.

Also our fashion show came wand went - go to "" to have a look at some of the pictures and some backstage shots. Otherwise try The third years outdid any other year thus far. Graduation was also a great time to send them on their way and to say good-bye.

I then also had the privilege to attend a Wings and Wheels (airshow and car exhibit) across from my flat at Ysterplaat airfield. I must honestly say that last year was awesome watching from my window, but seeing the planes up close and in action from right there was more exhilarating than I thought. The cars were awesome too. I found the NSRI and fire demos the best and got in a few great shots

The Gripen - stunning display!! BEST noise. Later that afternoon it did the display again AND deployed flares! I cannot describe it and would need more exclamation marks :)

 Dousing fire via helicopter and plane
The Hawk up close

And then there were these beauties :)

Monday, 17 October 2011

While you wait

Done with this crazy pattern, which took a year to knit and I still do not know it off by heart. It is the most difficult and craziest pattern I've ever knitted.

Looks really good on dark clothing underneath. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Monday, 26 September 2011

been locked up

Yep, locked up in the house with this:
 But mostly this:
still not handed in - still writing. Hating the chair and table at the moment in this state. There are the odd peaks out of my window in the morning

 And in the evening coming back from grocery shopping
days are getting longer, days are getting warmer. YAY.
I just hope to finish the thesis - final hand in- by end of October, but as things are going these days with marking and frustrations with students who do not hand in, and hence will not graduate, I'm a bit behind. So, I sit in the hated chair again, at the hated desk and write, write, write.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Busy, busy, busy

The last month has been taken up by thesis writing, but a four-day reprieve in the middle of it was enough to see my friend H and sew a quilt.

H and I went to Inthaka Island, in the middle of Cape Town - well if Century City still counts as middle :) We did a bit of walking and watching. I do not have a fantastic camera, but here is a taste of what to expect.

The next few days then were spent finishing this quilt - I think the most frustrating thing I have ever sewn, because of the squares toward the middle and having to stuff the entire quilt through the machine each time. BUT it is done and I'm actually quite pleased how it turned out. I have decided to sell it, so, any takers? Email me for further details.

Friday, 24 June 2011


I was browsing through Etsy this morning and came across these.....

Don't know what some people are thinking, but hey, if they work, they work! Just not sure if I'd wear them, even though my nose is cold in winter.

Edit: the picture just did not want load the other day, so here it is :)


well, so true

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I really wish.....

I could attend these AND stay at home all day to make my own. *sigh*

 Images via Simplify, Cotton Way and Make life sweet.

I would buy these things:

Images via Simplify

I admire H's mom so much, who manages to finish soemthing incredible like 14 quilts a year (!) and then gives them all away to charity or family. I admire her, because of the carpal tunnel and almost permanent migraines she has, plus looking after twins and another baby, cooking for roughly 20 people every evening and, and, and...... Go to her blog "In the desert quilting" to see what she is up to.

This post is probably just my frustrated creative artist coming through, who cannot sew at the moment, but has to write thesis. 5 000 words down, another 20 000 to go. I have until the end of June - middle of July to finish the first draft. I need to graduate this year, it has been too long already. BUT I really want to sew....

P.S. Is there anyone in South Africa who a) reads this blog and b) has an Etsy shop? I need to know how successful it is and how expensive it is for SA?

Friday, 20 May 2011


The weeks have gone by in a flash. This is what I was up to....
Sewing milla's wedding dress - does she not simply look stunning??

 I also then did some patterns for a friend and samples. I will make one or two of these for myself (since I have the patterns!)

In additon, I sewed a dance dress (for which I am awating photos).
I also celebrated a milestone birthday. Thank you EVERYONE who made my day special and who spoiled me with an array of gifts. I love you all.

I even got a TREEEEEEEE.
And of course, what is a birthday without a cake?

Thanks to "Melissa's" for baking.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Fun with Se7en

I went to visit my friends from Se7en the other day and they were making cardboard houses and thus I got roped in to the craft as well.
 Now, because the wallpaper glue had to dry, i could not finish the project with them and did it as soon as I received the box. Here is what I came up with....

 Yes, you need a flag on the roof and a trap-door, so that you can hide away from others :)
Thanks Se7en for a wonderful time.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Leg 10 and 11 of an epic journey

Missed out on one very important photo from Gold Reef city: Sunshine in a tin :)

After Jo'brg we hit the road again through part of the Free State and the Northern Cape. En Route we encountered the worst thunderstorm I have ever had to drive through. K was driving at that time and if we could see 10 metres in front of us, it was a lot. Thunder and lightning, hail and rain in buckets. Pretty scary stuff.

After this adventure, we stopped in Kimberly, but unfortunately the BIG Hole was closed for the day already, so we drove once around it, tried to get close to take pictures and then left for Britstown. Here we were accommodated for the night, but the service was not that great. Also, although we booked for B&B, breakfast was soemhow not included in the price. Mozzies also plagued us all through the night and the aircon was too loud to use.

The next morning we left again, drove through the Karoo on the R384 (if you never hear of that road, neither had I until I drove on it :) ) Vosburg was the next town on the map, and if there was anything to report, it was that we got petrol here. Next town was Carnavon (nope, never heard of it either, but it exsits) and here the road turned to gravel. Yes, they still do exsist in good old SA. This road (R63) was particularly well kept and we made good time. Williston was next (same as Carnavon), and then we joined the R27, where we were on tar again. We then drove through Calvinia and headed to Clanwilliam via Van Rhynsdorp rather than the R364, because we were warned that that road was badly damaged in the recent rain.

Clanwilliam Hotel had a strange set-up, with the bar and restaurant outsourced to someone else, who also had two rooms in the hotel at their disposal. There was no receptionist at all and we had to ask around for service. The room was pleasant enough, but the bathroom wasn't cleaned properly, so we had to sort that out. Then there was a swimming pool, but it was filled with kids. There was also only a bath, no shower head even and the room was hot, hot, hot, but at least the aircon was working and a lot quieter than the one in Britstown.

We went for dinner at the Olifanshuis Restaurant and Pizzeria. OH YUM. Food took a while, but was awesome.

We had a restful night - no mozzies! Then we had breakfast at the hotel (this time it was included), and headed to the town of Wuppertal.  The link takes you to Google maps, just so that you can see that it really is in the middle of nowhere. Again, the scenery is spectacular, and the dirt roads attrocious!!!

I'm sure there are lots and lots of things to do in Wuppertal when it's not Christmas, but actually to us, it was a bit of a disappointment. The houses and history were well documented and that was the end of that.

On our way back (mid-day) we stopped at a farm stall to go on their Rock painting hike. It was HOT, but the hike well marked, except the waterhole where you could supposedly swim. We only ofund the path on our way back and strolled through the water / river. On one of the banks, with one step I sunk into sand knee-deep, next step the same and then back on solid ground - my heart raced, K was in shock we had to stop for a while and thank the Lord that nothing had happened.

The water was about 25 Degrees Celsius and thus we did not swim, but take lots of piccies

The trail is called Sevilla Rock Art and takes between 2 and 3 hours, depending on whether you wan to do the whole thing, or just a section. We received quite a welcome back at the farm stall - with Grenadilla Ice Cream and 6 free Grenadillas - yum.

We headed via Citrusdal and had the most amazing steak I have had in a while at this place - Highly recommended. Then we finished the day in Cape Town and fell into bed.