Thursday, 29 October 2009

Magic Powder

A little diversion:

This is the 50th century and we have taken over most of the universe. I say most, because the fight against evil still continues to plague mankind. I sometimes wish there would be a way to turn everyone into Christians. Well, today there is.

As I stepped out of the door and took my usual plunge (hey this is free-fall after all) down to the new level, the square filled with people. Most of them were clearly on-Christians, since their attire betrayed them as usual... dressed in black they surrounded me, who clearly was betrayed by my attire (white).

Funny how a confrontation does not need words. My pen was my weapon, and I drew it, held it at outstretched arms and immediately the leader of the pack formed the horizontal to a cross against mine. This somehow gave him the power to unscrew the nut half-way down. All I could do was watch, because nothing I could have done would in any way have saved me from destruction. Funny that I was not afraid.

After unscrewing the nut, he tipped the content of the pen into his own. But nothing could have prepared him for what came next.... the powder that was released splattered onto him and his followers, all of it's own accord and within seconds their attire had changed to white.... God is good and had turned what they meant for harm into good by changing them to Christians.

I then asked them to follow me and they all did. We sprinkled the powder on everyone we met and they all turned to Christians. However, I did run out and had to pick between someone dying or the homeless guy for my last few granules. Overwhelmed with sorrow, I woke up.

If you are confused, this is a dream I had a few nights ago and was wondering where to get that magic powder. Would it not be wonderful if it were this easy?
The sci-fi scenes in my dream were similar to this picture on deviant art.