Wednesday, 7 November 2012

WIP - done

I had this dresser since I was, I don't know, 10? And "beautified" it around 13.... Oh, boy! It was time for a make-over DIY


And After => i noticed that wood darkens with age, so the circles remained. Bummer, but nonetheless I am very happy also with the drawers inside, since no more teensy tiny splinters get caught in my stockings...

For the job I had borrowed a sander, but found that the only place to really do the job was in the shower (sorry, no balcony), the noise just became too much, so I wound up doing a lot of the sanding by hand. This was the elbow-grease part of the project, the varnishing was quick, and since I wanted a vynil sticker to go over teh light patches, which I had designed and gotten a quote for, I was not too worried about varnish. HOWEVER, once the company who cuts the stickers actually had done the work of re-tracing the design, they wanted to charge me double the original, albeit verbal quote. So, plan B sprung into action..... Stencil came from an "Ideas" Magazine. Handles are from Builder's Warehouse and were probably the most expensive thing. Design on drawer inside are from here. A bit of acrylic paint and some acrylic varnish and voila! here we are.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

The year flies by

SO, in July I said I would tackle all those WIP pieces that I always wanted to do. Well, hahahaha I should have known that things do not turn out like they are planned in my head.

I have sewn a pair of pants for myself, only to find that they were so tight that I had to make alterations even before I wore them. Not cool, so I gave them away. Another thing I did with them was to taper the leg, like is so in voge at the moment. That also turned out to be a not so good idea, since my legs are shaped all wrong for that type of style.

(Sorry no pictures for that, it was just too awful for words)

What I did finish, however, was another jersey
Easy pattern and to follow, from an oldish magazine

I also started on another jersey - am trying a different armhole/ sleeve shape. It's striped white, turquoise and chocolate brown. I added the brown because after starting I realised that the stripes would look too much like the Western Province Rugby team. (And I am NOT a rugby fan)

I also then sewed a jumpsuit for someone else, managed to draft two patterns for some older ladies at church and will finish another four dresses before the year is out.

The only problem is that I actually am NOT motivated to sew at all. When I sew it's ok, but to get going is like pulling teeth. I always think next time will be better, but it's not. So, I spend my days watching movies on my laptop and taking screen shots of the awesome outfits the actor's get to wear :) All shots from Bones season 5.