Tuesday, 30 July 2013

So, there!!

On the wekend I went to see the new Superman movie. What struck me the most was not only how much they changed the story chronologically (which, by the way, is unacceptable for Superman fans like me), but how much they contradicted what was being said with the action.


There is one particular scene, where one of the Kryptonians (or is that Kryptonites?) goes on a tirade about evolution and how they have evolved into this superior race that now will take over earth and repopulate it. The statement goes something like this: "Evolution always wins." Trouble is all the action points to creation. First they try to terra-form earth into Krypton, then kill Superman and take his DNA, which has been infused with the genetic material from all Kryptonians, then grown a new generation of babies in a "Genesis Chamber" (what???) that will then inhabit earth - well, actually Krypton then.

Hence the title of this post. SO THERE!

It also struck me that people will buy into what is being said rather than watch the action and decide for themselves what the actual ideology and theory is. If we want to go a little deeper, the Kryptonites cannot start a new Krypton from nothing. They need certain things: Superman's DNA, a world and a bit of time and lots and lots of machinery. They also have to first completely and utterly destroy earth and then recreate it from what is left behind. They cannot form something from nothing.

Second observation: hatred runs deep, even in Kryptonians. What Superman's father has done is so foreign to them and goes so against their grain that they will not keep him or Superman alive in order to harvest the DNA. This also is a bit of a mystery, since they have drawn blood form him at one time in the movie, but still want him destroyed to gain the DNA. Correct me if I am wrong, but my blood contains my DNA, does it not? All of it, not just one part. In essence they could have started the process of a new population without having to destroy him. But to show their superiority and to prove how love is a weakness they intend to destroy Superman, but are destroyed in the process. Now to me this is still the gospel in all it's glory.

The bottom line? The world still needs a saviour!

PS there is not one bit of Kryptonite to be seen - Hmmm