Tuesday, 31 July 2012


So, with the new year, and studying behind me, I decided to tackle all the WIP (Works in Progress) that had been lurking in my cupboard. Ok, so technically they were not even started, but the stash had grown to proportions that were becoming unmanagable for the space I had.

Things did not turn out the way I anticipated, but I have shown you some finished projects already. Some more later

I also thought that I could get away with sewing only my own things for a change, and did for a while, but then I accepted a few sewing jobs. Lo, and behold, in crept pattern issues and I had to redo parts. I was not a happy Irenenenenenene

I also had other pattern issues with a pattern that I had used numerous times for myself. All of a sudden the pants were too tight and highly uncomfortable in the crotch. So, a wasted piece of clothing (actually fabric) is now hanging in my cupboard not going to be worn. (any takers for a pair of pants? I am happy to give them away! Hip measurement 100 cm and waist 74 cm)

What I did manage was a beautiful Jacket, which will definitely become one of my favourites (taken from Bruda, so I did not have to worry about actually conceiving the pattern). Here is the jacket in the magazine (2011/12)
and here is my take on it (all from my stash) - even the lining (below). The colar is from a black cotton velvet and the jacket form a two-tone gray wool.

I also did this skirt from a Saree

Other changes....
1. There are some family issues that I cannot change but that are breaking my heart.

2. At work I have to still continue going back to a submission from last year April, which is now in the final stages. Hopefully only one more report to write and then I move on to the current Diploma for re-accreditation. The cycle never ends, but the changes may need to be substantial. It may even mean a day up in Pretoria for a workshop.

3. My hair - done before graduation - which brings with it another change to the CV.
4. Speaking of CV - I am applying to serve as an evaluator for the CHE - let's see how that goes down. Another two-day workshop in Pretoria.

5. Fashion crisis: Yes, soem comic relief for those who do nto understand. ALL Pants fit like this at the moment. So, have to switch to skirts soon. Bummer. OR fix my own pattern.

6. The blog - hahahahaha you were waiting for that one, right? I like it as it is at the moment, but any input will be appreciated.