Monday, 30 March 2009

Telkom techies work hard!!

After the ranting and raving about the landline, the Telkom techie phoned on Friday morning and then promptly went to install it. SO, it's official - I NOW HAVE A LANDLINE :) YAY

Still playing around with ideas for the new blog... you just watch this space

Friday, 27 March 2009

New blog coming - watch this space

On a more uplifting note.....

On Sunday I had such an awesome chat to Chris W about God's creation, beauty and what that has to do with Fashion. Somewhere along the line I feel called to encourage all Christian women to appreciate fashion in a different sense and for different reasons by starting a blog. I'm not even sure how that will pan out, but in light of the industry I'm in, I think it's important to encourage and support those Christians among us who do not perhaps know enough about the artistic field / disciplines but also for those who
might have to deal with the arts (whether pure or applied) on a daily basis.

The first installment will be coming soon - I just need to fine-tune the name of the blog and then start writing. If you can think of any names for the blog, let me know. I do have a rough idea, but the title would be a bit long.

For those who appreciate beauty (no, nothing to with Fashion this time) here is a "view from my window"at an early morning a few minutes apart.

There is a series that I will put together form most of the places I stayed in with sunrises. The views in Cape Town are the most breath-taking and the sunrises are just stunning. I think I don't have a single sunset because my windows always face east. How appropriate, since the King of Glory is going to appear in the "east" and I would not want to miss it for anything!

The landline SAGA

What is wrong with this picture??

This is NOT a Telkom line – that is what!

I have been trying to get Telkom to install a landline for almost three months now. I’m all paid up and every time there is something else. Either the lady I give the keys to has left for the day (since she is at the letting office on the premises) or Telkom arrive at 16h30 on Friday and get sent away because I did not inform security or they arrive at 17h15 on a Thursday, find someone at the letting office, but they are not the person I gave the keys to and they do not know that someone there has the keys in their possession, or, when they finally do get to enter the flat (by special arrangement on a Saturday), tell me there is no “pull line” for them to pull the line through to the flat.

The order of the above was slightly different, but Telkom has been to Palm Springs for me three times now and I’m a) getting anxious to have the line installed and b) worried that they will refuse to come again.

I have just about had it with relying on people to either appear during normal office hours or at leas informing someone else if they are unable to be around.

The age old tenet does apply, like always: if you want something done, you have to do it yourself!

Apart from the fact that the person at the letting office does not seem to talk to her colleagues, she fails to inform me that the builders were going to fix the crack in the ceiling where cement has been falling through for the whole time I have been in the flat. So, she just lets them into my mess with a wedding dress lying on the floor and nothing in any state that could have been deemed decent. I knew they were coming the one day to check out the problem, but not the second time. So, clearly the letting office should have known that there was a key there somewhere, but I know how these things go: assumption is the mother of all stuff-ups!

For those of you who have been reading this and going: what is she on about – it’s just a telephone line….. Yes, that may be true, but it’s not about the line it’s about the underlying principles of communication, communication and communication! I am so looking forward to the day when excellence and trust and keeping your word are not something that we need to worry about, the day when telephones will be obsolete and we do not need to worry about the cost of long-distance communication on cell phones. Man that will be so awesome. That will also be the day when people cannot disappoint you any longer and bring that well of fury inside to the boil that you want to explode.

I suppose there are bigger lessons to be learned here, are there not? The lesson that all this is temporary and that the way we react to things is more important than the thing itself. I did really not handle this very well, and in God’s Grace, no one answered the phone when I tried to call back, because I think I would not have handled the situation in a very godly manner. It’s amazing how we get ruled by our emotions and cannot see beyond the here and now, when there is so much more to look at and forward to.

Friday, 20 March 2009

The Ethical Question

As most of you know, I have moved into a new flat and am trying to live with the noises that come with little kiddies running around, shouting, screaming and generally doing what kids do, Washing on the stairs and the roof etc...

I really like my neighbours - really friendly people and here comes the ethical question or dilemma....
In as much as I understand economic situations and people not being able to afford more than a one bedroom flat, there are rules to be adhered to within the block and one of them is a cap on the amount of people living in each flat. (three for a one bedroom flat)

So, yesterday I posed the question to the letting agent of how many people were staying next door to me and according to her it's only husband and wife, but according to me there are 5.

I really do not want to cause them any problems and maybe eviction, but I also think that there are rules to be followed.

So, here are my questions: How much am I responsible in tracking offenders within the complex?
How can I live next door to people whose life I may have changed in that they might get kicked out?
Am I adhering to the rules by reporting offenders?
Should I report them even though they do not make my life difficult in terms of noise or otherwise?

To tell, or not to tell, that is the question

Monday, 9 March 2009

SA politics

I'm not sure what to think anymore... First COPE associates itself with the ANC again and then Jacob Zuma has this to say in a rally on the weekend.

Not that I usually get all worked up about politics or very much involved, but it just drives home the fact that we are not called to be fence-sitters. It does matter who we want in government. Ultimately they are put there by God.

It just is so confusing if one does not have a bigger perspective than the here-and-now.