Tuesday, 21 August 2007

It's been a while

With the preparations for Kenya and all the sewing, I hardly have time to think, let alone write.

I have a few things that I still want to write about, but they need to stew a little , so watch this space...

Many of you ask how my plans for Kenya are coming on, and all I can say is: "I think fine." The team still needs to raise about R140 000 (yes, the amount of zeros are correct). All donations welcome :) I would also value your prayers, as I don't quite know what to expect. So I can't really say whether things are going well or not.

Sewing-wise: I have taken on a little more than I can comfortably handle, so will again be shining in my absence from this blog. Late nights coming up, but we have been given an extra day off on Friday, since one of the family members of the owners of the Academy is getting married. What a pleasure - not only being invited to the wedding, but having an extra day off as well.

The lessons will need to be made up, and the hours will need to be worked back in, but we are all willing to sacrifice for a late morning... - think I'm going to spend it sewing and pattern making.

With regards to Hannah's dress - for those who are interested:
The parcel, I've been waiting for for 7 weeks(!) from the USA, finally arrived on Friday. The slip told me to fetch at my local Post Office, but they did not have it! I had to drive to customs. Unfortunately I arrived there and was told that they do not work on a Saturday, but they would be there in the week from 7h30 till 4h30. So I woke up extra early on Monday, drove through morning traffic, only to be told that they will only start at 8h30.

So, in a huff I drove to work and ranted over the phone to them. I could fortunately get an hour off work in the afternoon to drive back (again) and collect the parcel.

And now comes the clincher - in the kit I had ordered, I had asked to replace two things in a wider width than the original kit, but they only replaced one of them. So I had to fight with the suppliers in the USA and they will happily send me the opposite at their expense, but it will take another 6 - 10 weeks to get here :( So, after so looking forward to being able to bone Hannah's dress properly, I now have to use the normal boning (for those of you who do not know what boning is, look below). I'm still spittingly mad (if there is such a word) and actually quite tired of fighting with people.

Boning: this is the thin pieces, like cable, that makes a corset stiff. In the Victorian era it was made from Whalebone (hence "boning"), but steel and plastic varieties are currently on the market. Its use is to give shape to the garment, as well as "nip, tuck and lift", to quote one of my Lecturers. Picture attached for all interested parties. Not that I'm going to make Hannah look like the Victorian Dame, but it would have been nice to give her some extra stability in the dress.

Until next time, over and out