Sunday, 11 December 2011

Done and dusted

After slaving a whole year over this:

I got my results within a very short period of time and found out that I could have actually still graduated this year. BUT by then my mom could not make it because she still had problems with her passport that would not have been sorted by that time. I also was gettign extremely busy at work and did not want to rush the changes that needed to be made. I'm handing in the final-final version today and then will graduate in June next year.

Also our fashion show came wand went - go to "" to have a look at some of the pictures and some backstage shots. Otherwise try The third years outdid any other year thus far. Graduation was also a great time to send them on their way and to say good-bye.

I then also had the privilege to attend a Wings and Wheels (airshow and car exhibit) across from my flat at Ysterplaat airfield. I must honestly say that last year was awesome watching from my window, but seeing the planes up close and in action from right there was more exhilarating than I thought. The cars were awesome too. I found the NSRI and fire demos the best and got in a few great shots

The Gripen - stunning display!! BEST noise. Later that afternoon it did the display again AND deployed flares! I cannot describe it and would need more exclamation marks :)

 Dousing fire via helicopter and plane
The Hawk up close

And then there were these beauties :)