Saturday, 23 May 2009


I was reading this blog entry the other day and then got diverted to this one an then one on to this one. I was laughing so hard that my tummy hurt. Yes, I do understand I'm not a guy, but it's nice to see that there are still men out there who advocate manliness.

I felt quite tempted to ask if I could become an honorary member of the "guys club" but then thought better of it, since I ave been rejected too many times in the past (and I would not want to be a distraction to all the married guys out there).

Friday, 15 May 2009


For all intense and purposes, my birthday has been cancelled until 2011 :)

Yes, my birthday was on Wednesday. When I got home after a prayer meeting (about 7 pm) I had no electricity. Go figure that scheduled work on the transformer would take 5 1/2 hours longer than planned.... Still - muhahah - I have a gas stove and could present my friends R & H with HOT coffee by candlelight.

Until I turn 40 (yes, yes, I am giving my age away) I will just take every day as it comes.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

the last few weeks

I cannot believe that the year has flown and it's almost my birthday already....
However, I think I will postpone any parties until June because there are so many birthdays in May :) Maybe I will not even have a party - isn't it a day like any other?

A short update on the "life of Irene".... At work we have finally managed to submit our things to the Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education on the 30th of April. This was quite a haul, but the waiting began. The CHE will only meet in June so we should know by the end of the year.

Somewhere in between i had to sew five dresses instead of one, since the dressmaker turned out to not do what I asked her to do.

Also, I manged to write one assignment for my studies...

Did I sleep? no, not much :) The two long weekends in a row last week did help though and the public holiday for voting was a great day to relax as well. I think I have caught up on sleep, but I will need a holiday soon.