Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Some belly laughs.....

:) :) :)

Birthday celebration - Goooooing UP!

Since my brithday fell on a Sunday this year, I took advantage of the Cable Car offer to take a free ride. CLick on pictures for a bigger view.

 The friends gather at the bottom. Happy belated BIrthday Yerusha :)

Our little excursion was damatically cut short by the FREEEEEEEZING wind on to and the cold front moving in. Last cabel car down at 16h20 - well, we did not want to walk all the way, so that is what we did. Nevertheless, thanks Ryan, Gideon and Yerusha for making my day special and joining me on top.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Some finished projects

In case you thought I was lazing around at home doing nothing :)

These are going to be gifts - yes, I'm giving them away! I need the space in my cupboard.