Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Where is the church?

I heard all about this article inteh news this morning and was wondering why the Church has not picked up on this and commented?
Makes me wonder how complacent we have become and why politicians need to comment on the blasphemous aspect of other political parties.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Fashion and Frustrations

It has indeed been a while.

As you can see from the title, the next couple of weeks are going to be filled with exactly that. The first event was last night - the Halloween Couture party at a local club. It was fun! I dressed up again - quite the scariest member there, as most of you will appreciate :)

The next event will be our annual fashion show, taking place on the 26th of November. I think this year will be a stunning event, even though the preparation will involve many more frustrations. There have been quite a number already, including trying to find a sponsor for R45000 a month before the show. Also, internal and external politics start coming into play and the sparks start flying. On top of everything, we were 6 colleges at one stage, but now only three are determined to see this project through until the end.... (as I said - frustrations)

Next on the agenda are two wedding dresses :) My very good friends Liesl and Hanlie are using my services. No, I don't need to advertise, it all happens by word of mouth. The Lord IS gracious and faithful and knows exactly what I need to charge and what I can manage in the time available to me. The fashion part of the dresses is easy - I have never come across a bride who did not have some sort of idea of what will suit her and what will work for her body type. Easy as pie....

Last, but not least, the Masters - more frustration than fashion, I must say, but the feedback on the first draft was surprisingly good and I can now power through the next two weeks (mostly Saturdays) and then I can hand in. I still feel a little out of my depth, but apparently I can waffle quite well in order to make a good argument.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Time to share of my crazy life

I have shared a few things in the past few posts. Here is more....

I have come to realise that music will stick in my head for a while and I'll wake up singing TruDog style :) For all those who have not heard TruDog, check out any TobyMac CD. So, because sleep is so important to me I think I will not listen to TobyMac for a little while...

Other things that have come up are my article for my Masters in Education. I have struck a wall. The theorist we have to use has mentioned that one articular area is important in his theory but has failed to write anything more than a page on it. Go figure.... So, now I have to search for others who have studied his work and written on that one area. Quite frustrating. At least I have managed to write 1/4 of the article, but now need to look at the institutional material / curriculum and analyse the information (read data)

So far so good. Being on holiday at the moment obviously helps, but I know myself that I will try to push all the things into one week that would take other people two or three. Thankfully it's Church Camp this weekend and thus no cellphone contact, no email, no radio (they only have solar power) - aaaaahhh, bliss

Monday, 1 September 2008

"These are a few of my favourite things"

I like this picture just because of the stark contrasts it shows between the manipulated fabric and the harsh environment. Although it might be quite interesting how the model walked over the rocks in those shoes :)

This picture is just as brilliant, but not because of anything but the manipulation of the fabric. The huge sleeves contrast very nicely with the tiny corseted waist.

This one I like because of the lighting and the play on colour. Quite dramatic effects.

I hope you enjoyed....

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Renting is the way to go!

Anyone who ever thought that buying a house is an investment, needs to do the maths. Now, for those of you who are not good with that sort of thing, the maths has been done for you here.
You need to register or log in to see the article (it's for free).

I will be renting from now on.

Saturday, 9 August 2008


It has been quite challenging to think about the painting I'm planning.
Apart from the theme (Armageddon) to find the correct poses and armour proves to be more challenging than I thought.

Why pick this particular theme?
Well, a few years ago I heard a song in a church service called "Your Bride is an Army". It somehow struck a chord in me (pardon the pun). To this day the words echo in my mind - there was not much more to it than that, but it seems the Holy Spirit wanted to open my mind to something more, for which I seem to be ready now.

Maybe it is that in the past few months the urgency of the gospel has touched me. There is so much warning and so much preparation in the Bible for that day, that we need to take the warnings seriously and start fighting the fight that God has prepared us for and that we need to anticipate. We need to become the Army that will engage in battle. We are so complacent in the here and now that the thought of battle and war does not affect our lives, yet when we see the world around us, the Xenophobic attacks, the situation in Zimbabwe, the wars all over the world, how can we not engage in daily life by preaching / living the Faith?

Another challenge is my discontent. No, my job is fine - not perfect, but fine. I still enjoy what I do, but there are financial constraints that have impacted me this year (Some of them my own doing and some not). Apart from buying a car, I really do need to switch my insurance to South Africa. That said, it does not seem like I'm going to save any money in the process. The other thing is that I'm so over living with people. No, it's not like Inger and I do not understand each other, it's a little more difficult to explain. Trying to find a flat that is big enough for my need of space and will suit my pocket is just not gonna happen this year. Bummer.

So, in order to stop ranting and raving, I need to cast my eyes to the Lord. I will not know what He has in store for me, but it can only be the best for me. In the meantime I'm going to learn humility and contentment over and over again.

Monday, 4 August 2008

New month, new look

I decided it was time to change the look of the blog. I stared into the green truncated squares a little too long. Hope you guys like it.

There have been many developments in the past two months. For one, I passed my subject at UCT and so can continue with the next one. Registration took it's usual route, with the incompetence of staff members shining like the sun. Nevertheless they finally managed to register me.

I also finished with the evening classes I was teaching and this time round the students were very cool. I'm thankful it's over.

We moved offices (easier said than done). To move a fashion school is not for the faint-hearted. Needless to say, things will take longer than you think, even tough you might take this rule into account. (Thanks to Murphy's Law)

I found a garage for my car in the complex. What a pleasure to not having to wipe the windscreen every morning and freezing my toes off, until the heating kicks in. This means I have a little bit of storage space.

I rearranged my bedroom - finally I could throw out the wonky shelf and replace it with two big boxes that could hold most of my books and rubbish that had gathered on the shelf. What didn't fit, was accommodated in cupboard space or thrown out.

So, after all that rearranging, I can now get to work on finishing albums from 1997 (yes, yes, the date is correct). Memories are cool, don't you think?

I will, as usually try to write a little more this month, but I cannot promise anything. Thanks for reading ya'll

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Lo and behold.....

The odometer of the "old leaker" (thanks J9 for that expression) about two months before trade-in.

The "old leaker" himself or is that 'herself'? Yes, yes, the big NAM sticker had to feature :)

TA DAAAAAA! This picture was taken about 30 seconds before realising that I had just locked myself out and bout 30 minutes away from being scratched. The chip above the door has been painted, but, as many of you know, metallics are problem and the frame would need some spraying to regain it's newness and shine. *sigh*

But overall, I'm very happy and still trying to get used to having all the controls switched from left to right. At 1500 km on the clock I can't complain about performance.

Over and out.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Material Girl

Yes, ok, I succumbed.
I have moved up in the world and bought a brand new car - out of the box!!
In the moth I've had it, I have put on 1500km :)
But definitely an improvement on the 12 year old Citi Golf which was leaking onto my feet every time it rained (usually in the winter). Not my idea of fun.
I think the final straw came last year, when I was told that it would cost R7000 (!) to fix it during a normal service. Really not my idea of fun!

I think the best part is being incognito - tehehehe The red Golf, with the NAM sticker you couldn't miss, is now history. Silver and CA number plates are the order of the day and feeling gooooooood (dara dara dara darara)

Although I managed to lock myself out of the car last Wednesday (a very new experience for me, since you need to be quite unobservant to do that in a Golf, and by then you would have noticed that you do not have your key) I now have a new mantra - note to self: have you got the keys in your hand? Have you got the keys in your hand?
The locksmith managed to scratch my car in the process of coming to my rescue, so I'm not as happy as I was last week, but they were quite good about sorting me out with a panel beater.

Pictures will be up in a while...
Over and out.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Kenya feedback 3

Having fun in Kenya

The Zapper - what a laugh that was....
This is the CURE for any scorpion or snake bite. Just a little electric shock (hahaha) and the molecules break down.
Good going guys, and anyone brave enough to try it :)

"Water! Water!"

The local wildlife

This is what happens when election posters can be nailed to anything and everything - there literally wasn't anything else in the vicinity except a two-track road.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Kenya feedback 2

Long awaited and anticipated :)

Unfortunately I do not have the picture of the toilets on camp yet, but I can tell you that anything you have seen before in terms of long-drops is luxury – we wished for a seat….

The camp was put under the teaching from 2 Timothy and daily readings were taken from1Timothy. Grant taught the passages well and in each one he reiterated the gospel message and how it would apply to our lives. The result was that at least four young people gave their lives to Christ. Keep praying for them, as they go back to old circumstances and traditions, that they will stay strong and continue in the faith.

I think the thing that struck me most with these young people is that they have the same struggles and desires our youth have. They have the same ambitions, and yet they live so much simpler and poorer than most of us. The girls are quite difficult to talk to, since they have a put-on shyness for respect persons, which only disappears when they get married – overnight. Most of them, as I mentioned in previous reports are the only Christians in their home and therefore first-generation Christians. Some come from Muslim families and are experiencing hard times. One of the pastor’s wives is from a Muslim family and although the family has accepted her decision, she still struggles with it. Her name is Faith.

Girls also have to put up with many traditional things, especially circumcision or FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). Widows also have to have produced an heir in order for her future to be secured within the clan that they married into, otherwise she will have to produce one with relatives of her deceased husband – sometimes she will have to anyway to kind of earn her keep.

We met a lovely lady, by the name of Nariyoo, who shared her testimony when we drove out to the villages. She refuses to have the tribal leaders of her manyatta or goob sacrifice the animals for her. Her biggest desire in these circumstances is to see her children come to know Christ.

There are so many impressions that will stay with me forever and that I will draw from for years to come. The whole team was so impressed by her testimony that I will try to share it briefly.
A bit of background: During the drought of 1984 she had lost everything. The Literacy Programme offered a goat to everyone who finished two years and graduated. So, she signed up just to get a goat. Because Rendile culture is fairly close to Judaism, many of the illustrations were taken form the Bible. Nariyoo of course was not interested in any of the stories and just wanted to read and write as well as (finally) the goat.

During her time at the Programme, she fell ill and at that time the Gospel of Mark had just been printed. She got given a Gospel of Mark and because she had nowhere to go and nothing to do, she started reading on her sickbed. Suddenly the Words made sense and she recognised that Jesus was who He said He was and committed her life to Him.

It is a marvelous story of how powerful the Word of God is and that it has the power to save people of all backgrounds. But at the same time the verse hold true of : how can they know if no-one tells them?

She has faced many difficulties in her life in the village, one of them being refusing to produce more heirs for the men of that village as well as refusing to take part in the sacrifices that happen quarterly. She is elemental in the evangelism of her peers and takes an active role in getting people to the churches that happen under trees in the middle of no-where.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Kenya feedback 1

Since I have so many impressions from Kenya I will have to post quite a few times for all the information to get written down.

Those of you you have been at church on Sunday past, you will get a lot of overlap - actually you will get the exact same thing :) Maybe some elaboration that might not be the same, or extra.

All I can say is, that the trip was GMT - good
missionary training. But there were too many impressions – I wish I could import smells, sounds and turn the thermometer up a notch or three. Especially at night, where I'm sure the temperature did not drop below 25 degrees Celsius.

Let’s start at the beginning: I’ve come from apathy and lots of prayer as well as lots of hard work (Hannah, Carine, Kim, Cathy’s sister) and all your contributions in terms of encouragement, asking about preparations and your finances of course (we were 27 000 rand over the budgeted amount when we left and could leave this money with Grant and Loki for the building of the pastor's houses as well as for material for he new Bible School). I think I and the team could not have gone if it were not for God’s prodding as well as all your praying. I have doubted so often along the way and even Friday before my flight, there I was put before the choice of changing my flight, or not going….

Yet God works in mysterious ways and I left on the Wednesday morning at 5 for Jo'burg. Those of you who wan to find out where Korr is, got o Google Earth and search. It's really in the middle of the desert.

I think my first impression was a strange familiarity – like landing at WHK airport. But then, in the airport, colours, colours, colours and real Africa. People are friendly and have an ability to just make time for you and getting to know you. I met some South Africans at the guesthouse and got chatting. One of them knew Tanya de Waal – how small is the world and how amazing is our God to bring something of home to where we are, when we are far away from all things familiar.

Landing bush-style is something that cannot be told! I think anyone who's done it will agree. Still, a strange familiarity was present. This place looks like home – like the Great Karoo or even the south of Namibia. It’s amazing to think God prepares you for such a long time for this, like having you grow up in Namibia.

Korr is much bigger than I originally thought with a mix of built houses and traditional huts side by side and again I was struck by the – colours, colours, colours.

A short overview: the first week we spent on youth camp, which finished on Tuesday. Wednesday was our “day off” and we took a trip up to Kargi and the Chalbi desert - a salt pan with volcanic rocks to the one side.

The next few days we spent helping Nick and Lynne and Grant and Loki with a bunch of things in and around their houses, anything from changing a 5000L water tank on the tower for a 2000 L one, to ripping out ceilings,

to dusting,sorting and cataloguing the library of the new Bible school , to sewing new covers for Grant and Loki’s living room (guess which was my responsibility…) We also took a trip to other missionaries in Ngurunit (one hour’s drive) the next weekend, where we could go swimming in a river.

During our last week we watched camels being milked, crushed 20 people into a Rendile hut to hear Nariyo’s testimony, visited the pastor’s houses and talked about missions a lot.

On our way back we spent one night in Samburu National Park and saw way too many elephants - sometimes a little too close for my liking, a few reticulated giraffe as well as gerenuk antelope duikers, buffalo and waterbuck. Some even spent about 50Rand to take a dip in the Samburu Lodge pool. We then still had two nights in Nairobi and one full day, where we spent all our money on coffee and curios.

So far a quick overview - more next time. Over and out.