Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The second epic journey - Part 12

We packed the last few things and our host had kindly booked a boat trip (with picknic) at Vioolsdrift wine estate for us. We took our time to get there, got a free wine tasting, included in the price. Both of us were still recovering from the hike the day before, so this trip was just what we needed.

The trip is approximately two hours on the river - surrounded by beauty and quiet.

We bought some bread and wine to take on the trip, but after half a bottle we both were a little tired, so we took our blanket, and tried to take a nap under the tree. we started chatting instead.

The main throughfare in Robertson hosts great coffee shops as well as some stunning art galleries. I could not resist taking this picture. (oops, sorry, did not see the sign)

We drove to Robertson and found a bottom-of-the-range hotel. We were the only guests.... We took a dip in the pool. We then needed WiFi and found some at the Dros, after a lovely walk through the town. Although, do not trust the signage in the town, you will not find what you are looking for! After this excursion, we arrived back at the hotel (in the dark) and got a concerned call from the owners whether we were ok... Sweet.

A few impressions from the town (the collection is growing)

The moon was out.... later that night in a blustering wind

Good night

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The epic journey 2 - Part 11

We drove via Middlepos and Sutherland to Montague.

Do yourself a favour, and DO NOT wind up on a Sunday in Sutherland, looking for a coffee. If you do, take your own and DO NOT go to the hotel for it. We took a few photos, and I definitely want to go back for some star-gazing.

On our way to Sutherland. The gravel road between Calvinia and Sutherland was not that bad, there were a few pieces that were tricky, but overall very, very drivable.

The lovely church in the town

See, more for my collection

 Sutherland has a mall, yes indeed.

We also saw this funny animal

Driving via Matjiesfontein, Tows Rivier and Matroosberg to Montague. What a quaint little town. More vibrant and arty than Clarens :)
Some impressions of the town:

Yes, there is a story behind this sign....

Even though we arrived on a Sunday, there were a few places available for food and accommodation. The first time we had to share a double bed... Both of us did not sleep very well, needless to say.

Our next day began with breakfast (without egg, please) and then we headed off on a hike. Perhaps a little late in the day to start (11h00) in the heat that we had... The Cogmanskloof 12.1km hike is amazing in terms of scenery, but don't believe when they say 4-5 hours. After 6 hours we only had done 9.6km and were cranky and exhausted, so we took the short-cut and headed home to a shower.


Total exhaustion hit us, but we still had to go in search of dinner. The restaurant where we dined the night before was completely booked, some other places only opened in 2 hours, so we went to a place that we had checked out first, but the menu did not really speak to us. BUT WOW their food was amazing!!

At about 8 we crept into bed and were out in a flash.