Monday, 29 June 2009

Domestic goddess

Thank you Jeanine for the tips and tricks forthe Pumpkin Fritters. I have tested the recipe, but went with a slightly different variation, more eggs and more flour, but they were delicious!!! Ask R and H (or Howl and Ranna). Here is a picture of them.

I will be making a second batch soon, since the first batter turned out a little wet and I still have quite a big of pumpkin left.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Yes, I read the book yesterday. Man that man can write. Those of you who plan to read it - watch out for the twist at the end, or is that a triple twist?

It took me 5 hours - yes, that is my normal speed. I think I will read slower if it is a comic, because that is more to look at.

I will gladly led it to those of you who plan to read it (that is of course if you are in Cape Town and I can get the book back within a week :) )

Monday, 8 June 2009

The last week or so

I had it all in my head... finish assignment by 15th of June and T's dress by the 19th.

And on Friday (6th of June) the big panic struck me - my assignment is due on Monday and not Wednesday, T's dress needs to be finished on Saturday (just bear with me...) and the the big revelation hit me on Sunday, when making an appointment... I still have another week (!) YAY

But I still was done with my assignment, T's dress was cut, ready to begin sewing, I red three books, finished a borrowed computer game, went to church twice and now still have time to add to my assignment (because I noticed I had not touched on one aspect of it), go zip and thread hunting for T's dress, sew a tie for T's "date" and get in a fitting once or twice, and finish another book that I have bought.

Yes, I'm a busy girl, I know and loving it.

The books I finished were:
Showdown - Ted Dekker (part 1 of a trilogy)
Sinner - Ted Dekker (part three of the trilogy)
The last Sin Eater - Francine Rivers
I had bought and read Saint before (part 2 of the trilogy) and could not find the other two online, but I walked into a bookstore on Monday and saw them on offer. I could not resist and also bought Skin by Ted Dekker.

Yes, you can see a trend here... He writes really, really well. Lots of scary stuff and perhaps not bed-time reading at times, but the good guys always win through immense struggles against evil. The fact that he is a Christian author helps, because there is hope in the end and although his characters are always sinners, they prevail because of the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus brought. Those of you who get scared easily might not enjoy his books, but the first one of his I read was not like that at all - Blink had me hooked to his writing style and when that happens, there is no way that I can resist any of his books. I'm still trying to buy every last one of his books, but we all know the prices of books these days....