Thursday, 8 August 2013

What I would be doing if I didn't need to have a full-time job

Ok, I hear the groans: "Irene has reached her mid-life crisis"

Perhaps... But hings have been pretty crazy / hectic / frustrating / confusing and enjoyable at the same time. Can anyone relate?

SO, here my wishlist for if I did not have to hold a 9-5 jobby:

Embroider something like this
Or even, just because I can, start a project like this

Perhaps work on some other cross stitch patterns that have been lying around at home. One or two traditional designs will be in there - similar to these:

I would also finish my Quilt which I blogged about before, and definitely knit some more "holey" jerseys. In line with these patterns:

Ok, so, you can see where this is going... All crafty and stitchery and knittery, and even tattery
Most of these things will probably wind up in my cupboard, since I cannot ever be paid for the time it takes to produce them.Then agian, perhaps I would even be brave enough to sell some things online.

If I really was not working, I would love to travel here:

ahhh - Mexico.

I could also, something which has been swirling in my head for the past few years, start a mission to the ladies that stand on the corner at the traffic light, just up the road from me. Although, after Bible Study on Tuesday, this is something I need to start right now. The time is near and the lost are dying in their sins. Any volunteers to hand out coffee on a Sunday night?

Looking at my wish-list, or shall we call it my "what-if-list", most of it is quite superficial and really not that important, right? Well, ok, maybe the last one, but the rest is really ME-centered and selfish. Me, myself and Irene! Boy, do I want your prayers at the moment.....

Life is tough and taching is becoming more and more challenging, as I struggle to relate to the students. I don't mean I want to be their pal, but I struggle to know HOW to teach them, HOW to make them understand the things they will need in the fashion industry. It is all good and well to talk about things and methods that need ot change, I get that, but can someone please tell me HOW I can adapt my teaching to get through to them??? Anybody? At the end of the day I cannot do the work for them. Short of giving them the answers, what do you do?


Hence, I wish I was retired.

Things have also been enjoyable. I am busy with two wedding dresses, with a third one in the pipeline. Really great to go shopping and someone else is spending the moola :)
I am enjoying some awesome free brooks on my Kindle
I am knitting a jersey and embroidering some vintage pattern.
I cooked a mean chicken on Saturday - thanks to all the tips I gained from Master Chef Australia, while house sitting C + S's house a few months back :)