Friday, 2 March 2007

Morning madness

Yesterday it was the traffic and a power cut that a whole day to fix - someone dug up a power cable and the Office block managers promised one hour, then made it 2:30 and by 3:30 nothing had happened. Even before the traffic and all the rest of it, our cat Josie was in a fight with another cat and all the fluff covered the lounge carpet.

This morning I was woken by 4 very friendly mosquito's and I think in the process of me jumping on my bed trying to kill them, I woke up my house mate, Inger. So, since "mozzie glue" does not do the trick in keeping them away from me, more drastic actions are needed. I even have a bite on my lip!

BUT through all these mad things, I'm reminded that I'm not in control of my life and that The One who is, will keep me from worse things. Jesus IS my husband first and foremost and that is the important thing.


Bronwyn said...

Hello! welcome to blog-world! Great to see you online.

Is your cat Josie the same Josie that Meg had????

angelindisguse said...

yes yes - same Josie

She's grown so fat on, even on diet cat food :)