Tuesday, 1 September 2009

This, that and the other

After burning my hand twice in the same spot the other day, I decided it was time to finish the quilt I had started about a year ago. Unfortunately I'm not nearly done, because I have to make a second one (I bought too much batting :) - oh the joys of fabric shopping). I also have not found a backing fabric yet and need to do some hinting.

So, in the meantime, to pass the evenings of procrastinating on assignments and wedding dress, I did some DIY:

I had rescued this chair form the trash quite a while ago and on Saturday took it apart, sanded it down, to look like this:

Then re-assembled the chair, like this:

You can see that I decided not to sand right down to the wood. I did this intentionally to give the chair some character and also to avoid having to paint it with another colour, since I wanted to give it an "antique" finish with crackling varnish.

I also did not feel like buying varnish, so, off I went to the Spencer's house and "borrowed" some odour-free, water-soluble varnish N had bought quite a while back. Fantastic stuff. I was stained slightly, but with the finish I did on the back and the legs, it actually looks very antique.
Pictures to follow, once the seat is upholstered.

I know that some of you now will want to find all the odd-jobs at home for me to do, but I have to decline, since I have too much to do already :) Sorry!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Irene
Didn't know you blogged! Cool!
Looks like you had a goo holiday.
Love Kate