Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Scary time on travels

Just a tiny note to say that
1) God does answer prayers
2) I got a small miracle

When I was travelling, I stopped at a rest-stop to, well, rest and in the process locked myself out of my car. Yes I can hear the guys going "It'll never happen to us" and "Women!!". Be that as it may, I noticed almost as the door shut. So I rested a while - sent a prayer to my Heavenly Father and then proceeded to make a plan.

The plan: Take a rock, pick a window and smash it, grab door knob from the inside, pull up and unlock the rest of the car. Easier said than done. I grabbed a (not too small) rock with a sharp edge, picked my window and hit it with all I had. Thud. Nothing! Glass still intact. Again and again - I even changed rocks. NOTHING! Now the guys are going " But you did not use enough force" - well, I can demonstrate for you if you want :) The window is slightly scratched, but other than that, NOTHING!

In desperation I almost flagged down the next car and then I remembered that I'm a single white chick, in the middle of nowhere..... (You figure that one out). After about the 20th hit against the window (stupid Shatterprufe!) my attention was drawn to the knob on that door... lo and behold, it was up! My smashing must have had some sort of effect on the central locking system, or God just gave me my miracle :) Whatever you think, I'd like to believe it's the latter and I think I'll keep the scratches on the window to remind me of my own stupidity and the fast action of God to answer prayers sometimes.

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