Monday, 12 April 2010

Things that make me smile

I got the idea from one of the blogs I'm following and it always makes me smile.
Another one is Katherine Marie Photography, which follows a similar vein.
Both are photographers and produce the most awesome pictures.

Other things that make me smile are compliments on my hand-work like the previous post and especially when I take my embroidery to get framed, and the framer goes: "Wow, this is really neat at the back!"

Also, listening to TobyMac always makes me smile, especially this video, since I always think of my friend R.

Then, of course R's baby pictures - well, actually it's his wife that is the photographer also always make me smile. And that is R mentioned twice :), and yes, he is a good friend that always makes me smile.

Watching people being silly.
Watching planes take off and land
Good food
Totally getting something in the Bible - well, perhaps not always, 'cause sometimes it's not so hot, especially if I get rebuked.....But some things really get me all excited, like thinking about heaven.
When students get it right for a change. I think that is the most rewarding thing.

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