Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Travel fever

I think it finally grabbed hold of me - the travel bug. After listening to a number of friends who traveled the world recently, or who moved to various parts of the globe, I also wanted to do the same. When I spoke to my mom the other day I was conveying my itinerary for Kenya and mentioned the flight from Jo'burg to Nairobi. It only then struck me that "I'm going to Nairobi!" and finally, finally I'm excited for the trip.

Thanks for all of you who contributed to the mission, much appreciated. I have managed to raise most of my support by this stage, I think today I'm still R300 short, but I'm still sewing and that should cover my part. Please do not hesitate to give more, should you have decided to give to God's work, the team could really still use a few thousand Rand. God really has blown me away with the generosity of people and in the process kept me humble.

How often do I not trust Him to provide for me, and yet in this big venture He has been more than faithful in His provision. The surprise contributions were the ones that often drove me to tears and to my knees in the process. Please join with me in thanksgiving for all that He has done for me.

This last month is filled with many organisational things - packing, sorting through clothes and other material, yellow fever shots, one last training session on Saturday, giving a short speech at the Ladies Coffee Morning at church as well as the last bit of sewing for the year. Also work does not come second - lots to do before we can close and of course the fashion show. So, all in all quite a busy month. Keep praying.

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