Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Opposition and Praise

Three days before I leave for Kenya, I get a call from AIM (the mission organisation we are traveling with) to say that my flight to Korr had been booked for the time I was flying to Kenya, but this was the one flight that could not be changed. So I had two options:
1. I could not go
2. We could try to rebook the flights to Jo'burg and Kenya for the day before and I would have to try and get another day off work.

This meant a bunch of scrambling for Shirley, as it was her last day in Cape Town as well. She did manage to get both flights sorted, but only one was sent through to me by Monday morning. So I still had to run after the travel agent to send through the flight to Kenya.

Praises to God, Who has organised everything in His plan to work out in such an amazing way. I can truly say:

"I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good."

Now, as I leave tomorrow, I know that my path has been prepared more than I can ever know. I also know that even in the face of opposition I can truly rest on Christ and His amazing providence, His care for me and His faithfulness. It would be too easy if there wasn't opposition. What I mean is, we would not need to pray as hard as we did and as we should, if everything always went smoothly.

I thank all of those who have prayed for me and continue to pray for me while I am away. Thank you for the encouragement and the hugs you have dished out :)

By God's grace, I'll be back from Kenya on the 22nd of December, but will fly out again on the 23rd, to spend Christmas with my parents in Windhoek. I will return on the 12th of Jan and give massive report back to all who have supported me, some time in Feb (once Gigi has returned from Israel)

So, I leave you with God's Grace and Peace. May all of you have a blessed Christmas, a very enjoyable New Year, for all who have Anniversaries (Bronwyn and Jeremey, Mariza and Juan), enjoy these days and for all the upcoming Birthdays (Alexander, Bronwyn, Mariza, Tanya Grasser, etc etc) Happy Birthday and may God richly bless you in these days, as we celebrate the greatest Gift of all, the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

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