Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Time to share of my crazy life

I have shared a few things in the past few posts. Here is more....

I have come to realise that music will stick in my head for a while and I'll wake up singing TruDog style :) For all those who have not heard TruDog, check out any TobyMac CD. So, because sleep is so important to me I think I will not listen to TobyMac for a little while...

Other things that have come up are my article for my Masters in Education. I have struck a wall. The theorist we have to use has mentioned that one articular area is important in his theory but has failed to write anything more than a page on it. Go figure.... So, now I have to search for others who have studied his work and written on that one area. Quite frustrating. At least I have managed to write 1/4 of the article, but now need to look at the institutional material / curriculum and analyse the information (read data)

So far so good. Being on holiday at the moment obviously helps, but I know myself that I will try to push all the things into one week that would take other people two or three. Thankfully it's Church Camp this weekend and thus no cellphone contact, no email, no radio (they only have solar power) - aaaaahhh, bliss

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