Monday, 19 January 2009

How things change....

Change is inevitable. The sooner we realise that, the better for our peace of mind. (Or some such saying)

First change .....I have finally moved house (well, more like flat). I now live in Brooklyn, Cape Town and have a one bedroom space to myself. I'm still getting used to not having a flatmate, and no television, but at least it's my own space and I'm starting to enjoy it.

Second change... If I read the post form October 30th, Hanlie did not make use of my services, and even though Liesl has asked me to design and sew her wedding dress (and paid for it already), the engagement and wedding are off. Pity :(

Third change... I have said yes to sew a friend of a friend's wedding dress, due for April. The four bridesmaids I will only have to fit and discuss changes with the seamstress. The latter of course is always an interesting option, since my ideas of quality and those of other people are very seldom of the same caliber. Yet, I cannot complain and will see how the sewing will go. I need to get going on it though.

Fourth change.... My niece Tanya has started school. I'm amazed at how fast children grow up and become characters of their own. My friend Catherine's little girl Ruth is already 7kg! I cannot believe it goes this fast. Maybe also a sign that I'm getting older ;)

Overall quite a few good changes and I'm quite looking forward to the year.

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