Friday, 20 March 2009

The Ethical Question

As most of you know, I have moved into a new flat and am trying to live with the noises that come with little kiddies running around, shouting, screaming and generally doing what kids do, Washing on the stairs and the roof etc...

I really like my neighbours - really friendly people and here comes the ethical question or dilemma....
In as much as I understand economic situations and people not being able to afford more than a one bedroom flat, there are rules to be adhered to within the block and one of them is a cap on the amount of people living in each flat. (three for a one bedroom flat)

So, yesterday I posed the question to the letting agent of how many people were staying next door to me and according to her it's only husband and wife, but according to me there are 5.

I really do not want to cause them any problems and maybe eviction, but I also think that there are rules to be followed.

So, here are my questions: How much am I responsible in tracking offenders within the complex?
How can I live next door to people whose life I may have changed in that they might get kicked out?
Am I adhering to the rules by reporting offenders?
Should I report them even though they do not make my life difficult in terms of noise or otherwise?

To tell, or not to tell, that is the question

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Catherine said...

I'll pray about it...

Tough one. Might be worth chatting to them first. But then again, that might cause them to get offensive & that wouldn't help. Will pray 4 guidance. Can't think of any scripture 4 guidance @ mo, but maybe once I've thought about it & am not so tired.