Friday, 27 March 2009

New blog coming - watch this space

On a more uplifting note.....

On Sunday I had such an awesome chat to Chris W about God's creation, beauty and what that has to do with Fashion. Somewhere along the line I feel called to encourage all Christian women to appreciate fashion in a different sense and for different reasons by starting a blog. I'm not even sure how that will pan out, but in light of the industry I'm in, I think it's important to encourage and support those Christians among us who do not perhaps know enough about the artistic field / disciplines but also for those who
might have to deal with the arts (whether pure or applied) on a daily basis.

The first installment will be coming soon - I just need to fine-tune the name of the blog and then start writing. If you can think of any names for the blog, let me know. I do have a rough idea, but the title would be a bit long.

For those who appreciate beauty (no, nothing to with Fashion this time) here is a "view from my window"at an early morning a few minutes apart.

There is a series that I will put together form most of the places I stayed in with sunrises. The views in Cape Town are the most breath-taking and the sunrises are just stunning. I think I don't have a single sunset because my windows always face east. How appropriate, since the King of Glory is going to appear in the "east" and I would not want to miss it for anything!

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DaGumpf said...

Call it "Glory Couture"