Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Briliant Idea!!

I came across this blog the other day and I find this is such an amazing idea - put the timer on 2 seconds and see how far you can run from the camera.... I  don't know if this will work in South Africa: by the time you return to the camera, the camera itself may have walked off on two feet (someone else's feet that is). Anyway, here is a brilliant shot - just check out the awesome windows in the background.

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Catherine Trimble said...

Fairly certain the camera will be moving away from you @ least as fast as you move from it. In my case, it wouldn't even be safe in my own home or garden unless Ruth is soundly asleep (camera's are a BIG hit @ the mo.)

But there's nothing stopping you from getting a friend to stand guard over it... (I might even volunteer depending on the type of camera & the area ;-)