Wednesday, 25 August 2010

My Friday evening...

It was a beautiful warm - berg-wind 25 Degrees day.....

My friend M and I
 headed over to
(ok, the picture is turned, but otherwise people will look at you funny when you turn your head to read!)
for some SUSHI - Yummy, yummy yum

Because of a little leaflet in the mail, we got complementary bread, leeeetle cocktails (sorry, no pictures - I woke up a little too late to the fact that I had a camera).
After the dinner (platter for 2) we were treated to: (I do apologise for the quality of the pics, the flash overexposed and I could not get it any better)
The yummiest chocolate mousse with Cape Velvet....
AND the sweetest cupcakes (in more ways than one) - with sparkle icing!!! AND Irish coffees. All for free. Who said that you do not get anything for free these days. We only paid for the sushi, a glass of wine and coffee.
Best recommendation EVER!! Head on over to Leaf restaurant and bar. They ROCK!!

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