Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Leg 9 of an epic journey

The journey continued the next morning. We drove via Bethlehem (yes, Christmas in Bethlehem), past Sasolburg and on to Johannesburg.

The trip took a while, so we relaxed at my brother's place, and that was the end of the leg. We stayed for a few days in Joh'burg and this is what we got up to:

24th - Gold-Reef City. I've never seen this place so empty. We could even go on all the rides - get whiplash as well, but having lots and lots of fun

Then, of course, Germans are weird and celebrate Christmas eve, rather than Christmas, so later that day we went to church and celebrated with the in-laws of brother dearest.
Happy Christmas
25th December we went to the Rhino and Lion park, where I did not take any pictures, but K did. It was pretty much like a zoo, except the cages were bigger. We also swam, swam, swam, because the wheather was good and sunny (for a change).

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