Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I really wish.....

I could attend these AND stay at home all day to make my own. *sigh*

 Images via Simplify, Cotton Way and Make life sweet.

I would buy these things:

Images via Simplify

I admire H's mom so much, who manages to finish soemthing incredible like 14 quilts a year (!) and then gives them all away to charity or family. I admire her, because of the carpal tunnel and almost permanent migraines she has, plus looking after twins and another baby, cooking for roughly 20 people every evening and, and, and...... Go to her blog "In the desert quilting" to see what she is up to.

This post is probably just my frustrated creative artist coming through, who cannot sew at the moment, but has to write thesis. 5 000 words down, another 20 000 to go. I have until the end of June - middle of July to finish the first draft. I need to graduate this year, it has been too long already. BUT I really want to sew....

P.S. Is there anyone in South Africa who a) reads this blog and b) has an Etsy shop? I need to know how successful it is and how expensive it is for SA?

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