Wednesday, 7 November 2012

WIP - done

I had this dresser since I was, I don't know, 10? And "beautified" it around 13.... Oh, boy! It was time for a make-over DIY


And After => i noticed that wood darkens with age, so the circles remained. Bummer, but nonetheless I am very happy also with the drawers inside, since no more teensy tiny splinters get caught in my stockings...

For the job I had borrowed a sander, but found that the only place to really do the job was in the shower (sorry, no balcony), the noise just became too much, so I wound up doing a lot of the sanding by hand. This was the elbow-grease part of the project, the varnishing was quick, and since I wanted a vynil sticker to go over teh light patches, which I had designed and gotten a quote for, I was not too worried about varnish. HOWEVER, once the company who cuts the stickers actually had done the work of re-tracing the design, they wanted to charge me double the original, albeit verbal quote. So, plan B sprung into action..... Stencil came from an "Ideas" Magazine. Handles are from Builder's Warehouse and were probably the most expensive thing. Design on drawer inside are from here. A bit of acrylic paint and some acrylic varnish and voila! here we are.

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