Wednesday, 29 May 2013


My life at the moment is in slow-motion. I go to work, I read, I sleep, I go to work. On weekends I see friends, pehaps sew a little, read some more and generally veg on the couch. Ahhhh, the life of a single person.

I have sewn the top of the quilt, but I need a bit of a contraption (or a volounteer) to hold it up to get a picture. I have also, after a few months of searching for the right fabric, finished my "I got wings" jacket. Soon to be worn in public.

(click on image to enlarge, or go to my deviantart profile)

At the moment I am helping out a friend while her husband is overseas. Oh boy, two nights of a screeming 2 1/2 year old hours past bedtime, is exhausting. Although, last night there was silence - blissful silence! It can get better in other words. And I know that C's and my prayers were answered.
After a few nights only, I honestly do not know how single mothers cope, either with one or with more.
I also understand the joys of motherhood slightly better and the funny things that kids can come up with.  Here is a gem:
C: oh, you are wearing dotty tights (to her slighly chubby daughter)
A: no, they are ovals!

Needless to say, I lost it ROTFL
Please don't misunderstand me, her daughter is a healthy toddler chubby. (and very cuddly)


Jerusha said...

Ha ha ha :D "They are ovals!" What a cutie. Glad you had a peaceful night! Can't wait to see you in your "I got wings" jacket -- it looks awesome!

angelindisguise said...

Thanks sweety. I may wear it on Sunday.