Thursday, 13 February 2014

Catch-up - with epic facepalm :)

Yes, yes, my avid readers, it has been a while.

Last time, I was only allowed to post the one wedding - which, by the way should be entered into the bride of the year competition. BUT now I can post the other two weddings.

Bride Number One got hitched on the 6th of December in Malawi and it looks like an awesome wedding, with dancing barefoot on a lawn. My type of wedding :)

The second wedding took place just two weeks ago, on the first of Feb. Indian style with some "sokkie-sokkie langarm" thrown in on the side. Complete with a candy BAR - YUM!

First dance HERE

Here a few pics from the last fitting. "I don't want to take it off" :)

Stunning people,m, stunnign bride and stunnign groom!

And the epic facepalm: I went up to Johannesburg for the wedding, having booked my ticket in November or so. Flying in on the 31 Jan and back on the 2 Feb - right? NO had booked for the 2nd of MARCH and because I needed to be back in CT on Monday for work, I had to find a seat on a plane ASAP. Sorry, all flights were full until Tuesday morning. So, what to do? Well, you pay the difference, which worked out to more than I paid in the first place for a return, and then magically a seat opens up on the 6H00 flight on Monday.... Thank the LORD for a Credit Card.

So, then I had to find accommodation close to Lanseria ariport - not a mean feat, I tell you, but my friend R finally found a place that would fetch and drop (at 4h30 in the morning mind you). I arrived there, and got the BRIDAL SUITE all to myself
Come 4h30, the reception area is all dark, closed up and so I wait.... Turns out the driver was in a tizz, because the key to the car was locked inside Reception. Bit of tension on my side, but I made it to the ariport on time and to work only one hour late. Oh, and the "limousines" were an old skedonk of a BMW for the trip there and a 4x4 Double cab bakkie for the return trip. Seems they don't do it often - or the car was in the workshop ;)

Lesson learned - time to triple check everything. Your brain cannot be trusted :)

Currently working on Mother of the Bride desses and her sister's dress for a wedding in April.

Kids range.... well I have two pieces, a name for the brand, but no marketing amterial and packaging ideas, no logo etc. Still a bit unsure about how Import/ Export work with Etsy, but I will get there.

PS: International readers, here are the explanations for
Langarm = sokkie
bakkie = pick-up trucks

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