Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Airshow Happiness

Thanks to my friend Mr H, I hear about airshows first-hand, and quite a while before the time. last year we went to one at Stellenbosch airfield, which was awesome. It is all privately sponsored, which means that the pilots fly in on their own money, do the show and fly back home without any sponsorship. This means that you get to see only the planes which are available. This year, a lto fo teh pilots were overseas, flying in the Red Bull events in China.

Here is the lauch of the team - yes, with some South Africans

This year, there was less of the aerobatics side and more of a display. However, what was truly, insanely amazing was glider aerobatics - that's right, no motor, jsut doing aerobatics on the speed, height and updrafts of the air. This is the world champion in action (obviously NOT present at our little display)

A few of the planes that were at the airfield, not all of them in the show.



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