Tuesday, 8 May 2007

More on Isaiah

This is a piece I wrote in April as part of my devotion.

Taken from Isaiah 14, the following stood out for me:

All who say: “I will make myself like the Most High” will find the throne occupied and the mountain taken. They will be toppled from the height and unseated from the throne.

If you fall into the hands of the Most High, woe to you! There will be no pit deep enough for your humility, “But you are cast out of the tomb like a rejected branch” – even in death you will be humiliated and shamed. The warning goes out to ALL nations – is His hand stretched out against us? Isaiah 14:26-27

There is also a promise: if Zion is established and we are her people, we will find refuge within her because God is within her.

Isaiah 16:5 God will establish a throne – IN LOVE – a faithful man from David’s house will sit on it (the throne is occupied).

What a promise do we have! We do not have to fear kings in this world, who may try to destroy us, because our King is eternal and will never seek our destruction, if we belong to Him and serve Him in faith.

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