Monday, 14 May 2007

Isaiah to Revelation

I was reading through Isaiah and compared it to Revelation and noticed the following:

There is only one thing that will quench the fire of the destruction of the Lord – the WATER of His salvation, found in the wells of His love or in the river that flows from His throne within the temple (Rev 22).

Another piece of interesting information is, that the voice of the “Son of Man” is like rushing water as well (Rev 1:15), which brought me to the following conclusions:

Firstly, if the water can quench the fire, and the water comes from the river out of the temple, flowing from God’s throne, it starts with the voice of God, who sits on the throne. His word is the water.

Secondly, He is the one who can quench the fire of His destruction, by His word.

Thirdly, flowing out of point two, the Bible is the water and bread, the food to eat and the water to drink to abate God’s wrath. The water which flows from His mouth to bring salvation, and which douses the flames of the fire of destruction.

This echo is found in Isaiah 12:1 “you turned away your anger and comforted me instead”. In other words, the fire is turned to living water, and in verse 3, the water is drawn form the well of salvation.

Just further thoughts on this: if we disregard the well and the water and the hope and salvation it offers, the only thing that will be left, is the fire of destruction.

It sometimes amazes me how all the different parts of the Bible fit together, and how it all makes sense, when seen trough a different book.

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