Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Lo and behold.....

The odometer of the "old leaker" (thanks J9 for that expression) about two months before trade-in.

The "old leaker" himself or is that 'herself'? Yes, yes, the big NAM sticker had to feature :)

TA DAAAAAA! This picture was taken about 30 seconds before realising that I had just locked myself out and bout 30 minutes away from being scratched. The chip above the door has been painted, but, as many of you know, metallics are problem and the frame would need some spraying to regain it's newness and shine. *sigh*

But overall, I'm very happy and still trying to get used to having all the controls switched from left to right. At 1500 km on the clock I can't complain about performance.

Over and out.

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DaGumpf said...

"over and out" You gonna get a two-way radio for that fancy beast??? :)