Monday, 14 April 2008

Material Girl

Yes, ok, I succumbed.
I have moved up in the world and bought a brand new car - out of the box!!
In the moth I've had it, I have put on 1500km :)
But definitely an improvement on the 12 year old Citi Golf which was leaking onto my feet every time it rained (usually in the winter). Not my idea of fun.
I think the final straw came last year, when I was told that it would cost R7000 (!) to fix it during a normal service. Really not my idea of fun!

I think the best part is being incognito - tehehehe The red Golf, with the NAM sticker you couldn't miss, is now history. Silver and CA number plates are the order of the day and feeling gooooooood (dara dara dara darara)

Although I managed to lock myself out of the car last Wednesday (a very new experience for me, since you need to be quite unobservant to do that in a Golf, and by then you would have noticed that you do not have your key) I now have a new mantra - note to self: have you got the keys in your hand? Have you got the keys in your hand?
The locksmith managed to scratch my car in the process of coming to my rescue, so I'm not as happy as I was last week, but they were quite good about sorting me out with a panel beater.

Pictures will be up in a while...
Over and out.

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