Saturday, 9 August 2008


It has been quite challenging to think about the painting I'm planning.
Apart from the theme (Armageddon) to find the correct poses and armour proves to be more challenging than I thought.

Why pick this particular theme?
Well, a few years ago I heard a song in a church service called "Your Bride is an Army". It somehow struck a chord in me (pardon the pun). To this day the words echo in my mind - there was not much more to it than that, but it seems the Holy Spirit wanted to open my mind to something more, for which I seem to be ready now.

Maybe it is that in the past few months the urgency of the gospel has touched me. There is so much warning and so much preparation in the Bible for that day, that we need to take the warnings seriously and start fighting the fight that God has prepared us for and that we need to anticipate. We need to become the Army that will engage in battle. We are so complacent in the here and now that the thought of battle and war does not affect our lives, yet when we see the world around us, the Xenophobic attacks, the situation in Zimbabwe, the wars all over the world, how can we not engage in daily life by preaching / living the Faith?

Another challenge is my discontent. No, my job is fine - not perfect, but fine. I still enjoy what I do, but there are financial constraints that have impacted me this year (Some of them my own doing and some not). Apart from buying a car, I really do need to switch my insurance to South Africa. That said, it does not seem like I'm going to save any money in the process. The other thing is that I'm so over living with people. No, it's not like Inger and I do not understand each other, it's a little more difficult to explain. Trying to find a flat that is big enough for my need of space and will suit my pocket is just not gonna happen this year. Bummer.

So, in order to stop ranting and raving, I need to cast my eyes to the Lord. I will not know what He has in store for me, but it can only be the best for me. In the meantime I'm going to learn humility and contentment over and over again.

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