Wednesday, 25 February 2009

God's interventions

Little did I know that my day would be so in God's power yesterday.

I went to work as usual and put in the required hours. Then I left for a fitting in Tokai (Capetownians will know...). I left at four so that I would nor get stuck in traffic for an hour and a half. The fitting was at 6. Knowing that I would spend about an hour waiting for the lady to get home, I prepared myself by working on the library system on my laptop in the car.

It seemed to go quite quick and I still had about 30 minutes left to hang around, doing nothing. The radio was good company and so I waited. Lo, and behold, she arrived early from work and we could do the fitting pretty fast. (Intervention no1)

On my way to another friend (whom I had made an appoinment with) I missed the turn-off, because I don't usually come from that side and had to drive all the way to Bishopscourt before being able to turn around (Intervention no 2).

At my friends, I got fed (Intervention no 3) and with good company and good converstion stayed until about 8.

On my way home, as I was driving past the block of flats where I stay, I noticed that there were no lights... I thought it strange, because all the other buildings around there had electricity. (Intervention no 4). No power. So, I switched on the laptop (Yay for battery life) and managed to get some more work done on our accreditation (Intervention no 5).
I could in essence have still coocked dinner, IF there was food in the house, because I have a gas stove (intervention no 6), but coocking without food is no fun :)

I could go to bed early without the lights in the passages that have always shone into the bedroom at night (Intervention no 7).

I can go on, but I think everyone got the drift. It is amazing how God provides at the right time to encourage and strengthen our walk with Him. Praise to God!

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