Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Leg 7 of an epic journey

Well, I noticed that I forgot my double adapter at the dodgy B&B (that wasn't one), so had to borrow one from the friendly receptionist at the Kloof Lodge.
This meant that after a good night's sleep and lots and lots of rain (the foyer was flooded) we had to go on a shopping spree in the City of Roses. We also just had to visit the Hobbit House (a bit too pricey for our pockets, but beautifully done. Each room is named after one of the characters in Lord of the Rings, and decorated with the most awesome wall papers and linens).

We then did some shopping, so did not take any pictures. At around mid-day we departed towards the Golden Gate National Park, since we had a day to spare.

We took the route towards Lesotho and then just past the border post to Fochville and Ficksburg and on to Fouriesburg. Because it was getting late, and I did not want to drive to Clarens (CLAAAAAARENCE), we decided to take a tiny detour to Camelroc guest farm. We got a whole bungalow to ourselves, that could have easily housed 6 people. Air was fresh, the moon was bright and the night was quiet, since the border post closed at 9h00 or 10h00 PM. The cherries of Ficksburg - the fresh ones were sold out, but the liqueur was not and neither were the brandied ones. YUM.

 Yep, that is the moooooooooonnnn :)
The camel, after which the farm is named.

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