Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The REAL leg 6 of an epic journey

After a night we'd rather have spent in more agreeable accommodations, we packed our bags, headed off into Graaff-Reinet and did our internet thingies. Then we hit the road again to Nieu Bethesda. Well, I can call it "hitting" the road, since the dirt road was not very good and after all that rain probably even worse...

Anyway, there is only one thing to see in Nieu Bethesda, and that is the OWL HOUSE. Everything centres on the house and if you want to do anything more, you need to ge tout of town. The surrounding areas are very Karoo-like, but the mountains are stunning!!!

Me, myself and Irene out front
K greeting the hostess :)

Other parts of the garden.....

 And just a few things that stood out for me inside the house....

The rest of the town is TINY - sorry tiny..... 
They do have a post-office, though, and I'm wondering whether that postcard found its way to Germany?? Hmmmm K? 
The church is beautiful, 
 and since it is an arty town, there was this beauty on the side of the road

The road out the other side of town was really, really, really, really, really (ok you get the drift) bad. My poor little car suffered to such an extent, that at times it popped out of gear and I was in free-flow around corners. *sjoe* not a great thing. BUT we did see a whole family of meercat run across the road, but as usual (and this was the case for our journey) they did not re-appear :(
The road to Bloemfontein (the City of Roses) awaited us, but we only arrived very late at night. We had booked ahead and were greeted by a very friendly receptionist. The room was clean the bed inviting and we just keeled over. (if you follow the link, the pictures are slightly outdated, but the rest of the reviews are good.)
And a little inspirational scenery from the journey

mmmmmmmm rain the Karoo - there is no smell like it. Breathe in deep!!!

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