Friday, 23 March 2012

The year so far....

The year started off with a bang of busyness. At work I had to go back almost a year to a submission for a new programme we developed, losing three weeks of preparation. During that time I also got a job to make and grade a matric jacket. (the photos below are poor quality because they are not taken by me :) )
Also, the sewing wasn't doen by me either, so some quality issues in my mind....

I then proceded to sew a wardrobe for my friend TJ who is heading onto the mission field. Int eh process I could test my new machine (well, "new" because I have not really used it since I bought it in April last year)
So, here is what I did:

And I experimented with dying.
Yes, these things all went in at the same time into the same die lot and this is what I got (the second shirt from the right was light blue and the dress on the far left was white). This jsut goes to show that there are no guarantees when the shop tells you "It's 100% cotton" hahahaha

And in other news: I fell down some stairs


I also finished this embroidery - picture of finished one to follow:

and just a side note for those of you who thing that my cupboard is empty - think again! there are 100000000000 projects waiting - well, more like 100, but at the moment I'm not getting to many of them. So, watch this space.....

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