Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Here is the reason....

Why I've been so quiet these past few months:
 Reason number 1: Knitting this jersey

 Reason  2: Embroidering this tapestry
Reason 3: Sewing a dress for CM (wedding in December) Anyway, this is WIP (work in progress). I am sure the official pictures will turn out much better than my attempt with backlighting.

Although the dress is done and dusted, I cannot post the pics until the wedding has actually happened.

 Reason 4: CF (now S) the most spectacular dress ever!! Contrats Clemmie :) I am waiting for the official pics, but these are what I found on facebook


Reason 5: JS dress in progress
Reason 6: Kids range coming soon (patterns in progress - ready to be tested on a certain RT soon)


Anonymous said...

You are so incredibly talented, my friend!

angelindisguise said...

You are too kind, Bronwyn. *blush*

Jerusha said...

You are one busy lady and we are all so grateful for you!