Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Leg 3 of an epic journey

So, as I said the day we left Knysna was rainy, rainy, rainy, rainy - all the way, up the coast to Port Elizabeth, and even further inland, right up to Addo. The weather report that evening showed ALL of SA covered with cloud, except Cape Town, which we had left behind (and we thought we were fleeing the rain....)

We did a quick stop along the way at the world's highest bungy-jump, but no-one dared jump in the wet weather, although the company was rearing to go.
 We then continued to PE (port Elizabeth), where we had lunch / dinner and you can see how overcast the day was. The wind was blowing us off our feet and now I know why it's called the windy city. I thought Cape Town was bad....
We then got semi-lost because the road was not indicated clearly and logically, but with a slight detour we reached Addo, and found a lovely spot at the Homestead B&B. We were tired of the rain by then and literally just fell into bed.

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