Monday, 10 January 2011

My 100th blogpost: Leg one of an epic journey

After all the stress of the year and frantic struggle to get things done on time, my cousin KE arrived from Germany. Unfortunately I was still at work and she had to spend three days roaming the streets of Cape Town on her own. She found some gems of coffee shops and curios during that time, and on Friday the 10th, after a very relaxed graduation ceremony (congrats to all the third years!!), we headed off to Boulder's beach and Sundowners at Camps Bay.

Next day was another wander through Cape Town and on Sunday we headed to the open road - Cape Agulhas and Arniston.

Day one ended with a fantastic dinner (or supper - anyway, the evening meal) at the Arniston Hotel. Oh, yum, those sweet potatoes with ginger *sigh*
We did see some critters on walls, but that was all - bigger critters followed :)
Yes, that is my hand - I did not dare get any closer *shudder*

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