Monday, 19 January 2015

Another Epic jounery - Part 2

After an amazing Pancake breakfast in Langebaan, we packed our suitcases and headed up the coast a little further.

Everybody is raving about Saldanha Bay, but if you have a harbour and a tourist beach a few 100m from each other that is not my idea of fun. Just think of the pollution!
So, we then headed to Paternoster and Cape Columbine Nature Reserve, which hosts the last manned Lighthouse of South Africa. Well worth a visit. Be careful of the dirt road, it is very bad, our first one of the trip.
A very cool lighthouse.

At the Beach in the Reserve:
 Grains of sand, sparkling in the sun

We did not head into the little town of Paternoster, but took a few photos of the fisher boats on the shore.

Off we went to Elandsbaai. Well, what can I say? If you like watersports and Crayfish diving and the like, this is definitely the town for you. It was VERY windy, so much so that the Windsurfer had to surf to shore to flip his sail or drop it at the other end if he wanted to return.

We only had a coffee at the most famous spot "Die Mossel Pot". This seems to be the hang-out when there is more life in the little town, with bands and dancing, if "sokkie" is your thing. I sometimes wonder how people can stay in these towns permanently. What keeps them there?
It was lateish in the afternoon, so we then decided to head one town further up, Lambert's Bay, which was fully boocked with the guesthouses, so we settled for the hotel. It took a while for them to realise that they did indeed have a room, which we then got.

I didn't know that Ouma Rusks come individually packaged. Where can I find those?
 Dinner that night was a seafood platter for two, which included the Crayfish that was in season. YUMMY!

A better look at the platter, though ;)

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