Monday, 19 January 2015

The Epic Journey continues - Part 3

After the lush Hotel Breakfast we took to the road again.

The gravel road shook us quite dramatically, but finally we arrived in Doringbaai. I keep forgetting that Saturdays and Sundays in small towns is not the best timt to visit or look for things to do.
In Dorinbaai, the Fryer's Cove Wine tasting is well worth it. It makes use of grapes from the vineyard clostest to the sea in SA. You can taste the sea air in the wine. This meant that we just HAD to take some along on our travels.

 But one thing is for sure, the water is clear!
 The yummy wine from Fryer's Cove

Heading North, you get to Strandfontein, and it the name says it all - it has the best beach ever. We did stroll on the beach, and the wind lied to us, but thanks to sunblock, we did not get burnt to a crisp. Only some spots you missed made themselves known that night.
A beautiful place.

And because we could not go any further close to the sea, we had to take a minor detour via Garies to then head towards Hondeklipbaai (more to follow in next post). This meant that our night was spent in Garies Guesthouse, which unfortunately was self-catering and we had not come prepared for that. So, we sauntered over to the Hotel across the way. Let me just say that these small towns on the N7 do not get a lot of business and the Hotel is the indication of that. The guesthoust was quite full, but no cars in front of the Hotel. The worn-out carpets and the one-page menu says it all. They only had warm veggies and could not replace it with a sald :(
Here it was at least 35 degrees C. YAY.
Sorry, no Pictures from Garies, I think we were too disappointed in the town.

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