Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Epic journey continues - Part 4

Next morning we had a few nibbles from our cooler-bag. After the warning that the road to Hondeklipbaai was very bad, we thanked the lady from the guesthouse for the forewarning and hit the road. Psh - the road was better by far than we had had up to that point.
We took a few pics along the way

and finally arrived in Hondeklipbaai.
I always thought it must be a really famous town and the rock an amazing sight, but we were really disappointed with the one attraction. However, "The Shack" all made up for it by providing coffee and cakes out of this world. They also sell art by the two resident artists.
 So, to show that the rock is a disappointment, here are the pictures. Well, technically only one picture, the other is just the explanation....

However, their "beach" is very rocky in places and makes for excellent splashing photos.

Continuing on the way North, we saw that we were heading onto the De Beers Dimond area. They have awesome signage for the Diamond Route.

 Yes, it is quite obvious that here is Namaqualand country.

It said on the map that there was a Toll road, but you only have to sign in at each town you visit. Which was quite funny at Kleizee, where the guard asked us is we knew anyone there. Judging from our response - empty faces and a resounding "no", we could enter without hassle. It became the joke of the trip: "Where are you from and where are you going? Do you know someone there?" Hehe

Here we had lunch in the Museum that hosts quite a bit of Diamond Coast history. The museum itself was closed, but the restaurant / Cafe was open. The husband and wife who run the place were very helpful inproviding us with a map of the Richtersveld up to Ai-Ais. The wife was quite sure we could enter the Ai-Ais / Richterveld Transfrontier park with my little car, but the husband disagreed. According to him it would have only been possible in the south and that not very far. So that one was off the list.

So, further north to Port Nolloth. Really bad road, not to be reccommended for two-wheel sedans. Wonderful little town, though. Booked into the hotel, which strangely enough is self-catering without the usual facilities like stove and crockery and cutlery. So, we took a stroll through town and found the BEST seafood restaurant by far. Theit platter for two was even better than the one in Lambert's Bay. Yummy!
 View from our window and the sleeping facilities, nicely arranged with chocolates :)

 More from Port Nolloth next time.

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